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Transmission of customs or beliefs from generations by offering a combination of comfortable furniture, classic designs and casual decor.


Maintaining quality standards with the furniture which is durable and sturdy, with a good finish and Perfectly assembled.


It’s about fully engaging our heads, hands, and hearts because the best quality of design and work comes up when it’s made by hand.


  • Meet & Agree
  • Idea & Concept
  • Design & Create
  • Build & Install

The first stage of the design process is the initial consultation between you and our designers. Our first meeting will be at an agreeable time, typically at your home where a discussion of your priorities and design needs can take place, it will be a brainstorming session. It’s always helpful to have inspirational pictures available when we meet. During the first meeting photos and measurements will be taken, as well as a discussion of color and style. We will begin to work one on one with you, as well as closely with the architect and contractors as the need arises.

From our Initial Consultation, we then gather all the information we have discussed with you and research and prepare styles and images that we think will be suitable. We use this time to prepare our initial style concept boards that we use as a visual tool to clarify the style and confirm the brief between the designer and client. Then we welcome any feedback from our clients in regards to our initial concepts and amend any ideas accordingly. We work with you until you are happy with our final concept and would like to proceed to specify/sourcing products/materials. We bring the best and latest ideas for designing furniture.

With your approval, we finalize the furniture design. Our comprehensive design approach includes assessing our clients’ needs and priorities including space planning; furniture layout, selection, and design; accessorizing; installation; supervision and all the other required details. When we work with our clients, we carefully analyze their goals and tastes. Our interior decorators give every project their finest efforts. When we work with our esteemed clients that we truly care for and everything about their wants and needs, we’ll never let them down here at Folksy Furniture. Nothing makes us feel better than seeing our clients delighted by our hard work.

From a custom pop-up television table to an elegant dining table set, we design and then build it using the most skilled artisans at Folksy Furniture. Our skilled staff are here to create amazing furniture pieces for your home and office space. We make sure you are happy with the final outcome. Prior to completion of your project we will follow up with you and so we may do the installation in a timely manner. We always deliver on time without any hassle. It is our utmost duty to make our clients satisfied with our work.